Look after your Battery this winter!

With the winter and cold mornings settling in JGS4X4 thought, we would give you a few basic reminders on key things to check on your Land Rovers battery to keep them roaring into life first time every morning.

Cold temperatures wreak havoc on batteries as they slow the chemical reaction inside of the battery. Often drivers do not understand why, but getting the facts can help people avoid having to deal with dead batteries on cold winter days. Though batteries can function under myriad conditions, the cold weather tends to degrade high-quality batteries and may render subpar batteries useless.

A few tips to avoid a dead battery

How old is your battery?

If your battery is old, now may be the time to replace it. Batteries differ in how long they last. Many last anywhere from five to 10 years. If your car is still running on its original battery and is several years old, it may be a good idea to get a new battery before the arrival of winter. Battery size will not necessarily provide better starting. It’s important to buy the correct battery for the make of your car.  Check your owner’s manual for details.



Check for corrosion

Corrosion can prevent a car from starting just as much as a worn-out battery. Corrosion is caused by a faulty connection that allows battery acid to escape and corrode surrounding areas. Regularly check the battery and carefully clean away any corrosive residue that has formed and make sure the battery is correctly seated.

Install a battery blanket

A battery blanket is used to wrap around the battery and fit inside of the battery cover.  A cord with a plug runs from the blanket to a wall outlet. The blanket can produce enough heat to keep the battery fluid from freezing.

A trickle charger can also be mounted on the battery. It will deliver enough power to the battery while the car is off to keep it from freezing.

Check everything is switched off before starting the vehicle

Do not start the car with the heater and the radio on. They can use up the power coming from the car’s alternator and prevent the battery from charging.  Do not leave the heat and the radio on while the car is idling, the car will not be putting out enough power for the alternator to charge the battery and power the electrical systems.

Disconnect the battery

If your Land Rover will be stored in a garage for the winter, disconnect the battery. Certain devices, such as clocks and alarm systems, continue to drain battery power when the vehicle is off. If your car will not be driven enough to recharge the battery, keep it disconnected when the Land Rover is being stored.

Keep a NOCO 12v UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter in your car for emergencies.

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