Looking for more power? This Range Rover owner came to JGS4X4 exactly for that reason!

Are you looking for more power in your Land Rover?

This Range Rover owner was certainly was.  He bought his 2005 L322 3.0 TD6 Range Rover to JGS4X4 as he felt the BMW 3 litre, 6 cylinder engine needed a bit more ‘oomph’ as the gearbox was often changing gear trying to keep the big car moving along.

JGS4X4 offer an individual, customisable remap tuning service for most modern Land Rover models.  We also offer remaps on most other manufacturer makes and models too.  The remap will give your Land Rover more power, torque and you will also experience economy benefits too! When this Range Rover owner drove out of our workshop he reported back “with the extra power and torque the car felt more relaxed yet eager to go”.

JGS4X4 also offer EGR deletes at ECU level, so that you no longer have to suffer from a troublesome EGR valve!

Remapping or chip tuning is a way of increasing the power output from All modern ECU controlled engines. The ECU’s default program is read from the car then certain operating parameters including fuel pressure, boost pressure, timing and others are adjusted and uploaded back to the ECU.

Typical examples of Power and Torques increases on a Range Rover L322 3.0 TD6

Original BHP: 174
Tuned BHP: 209 = 20% Increase
Original Torque NM: 390
Tuned Torque NM: 448 = 15% Increase

Benefits experienced:

  • The engine becomes more responsive with a smoother power delivery.
  • Easier driving with fewer gear changes & improved acceleration
  • Safer overtaking, increased low-end torque means less throttle is required – which results in fuel savings (most effective on turbo-diesel engines where a fuel saving of 10% is typical but can be up to 20% if driven sensibly!)

Do you want to experience the same benefits? 

Book a Remap for your Land Rover today

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