Mean Black Discovery 3

We had a very unique looking Discovery 3 in today for an automatic transmission flush and some CCF file editing, to enable and disable some features within the cars ECU.


The owner, Steve is one of the founders of the recently formed Discovery 3&4 Essex & Suffolk Owners Group on Facebook.

His Discovery 3 looked very mean, all in black with de-tangoed front headlights and a rather impressive looking front bumper. Not sure if I would want to be bumped by it! but it certainly, beats parking sensors.


It was nice to see a well looked after and maintained car that you can see the owner really cares for. We do many ATF transmission flushes when the car has a gearbox problem, but Steve was very wise to have a gearbox flush done as a precautionary maintenance measure at a fairly low mileage of 60K. You get the engine oil changed so why not the transmission fluid?

The flush was straightforward and after the gearbox adaptations were reset, we moved on to changing some of the settings in the CCF, (Car Configuration File). Steve had changed the standard halogen headlights for Xenons and also wanted the front parking sensors turning off as the bumper was causing them to beep all the time.

Our IID Pro tool was plugged in and within a few minutes the settings were changed and updated to the car. The Xenons no longer flickered when switched on and the front parking sensors no longer beeped at the bumper… Sorted

Steve kindly asked for some stickers that he stuck on the rear windows, looks very smart.

So if you want to look after your pride and joy and prevent an expensive gearbox repair in the future, book yours in for a flush now.


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