Meet Winnie the Land Rover Defender – She’s HOT!

Sometimes here at JGS4X4, we come across some great Land Rover conversions.  This one is a unique conversion with a talent all of her own.  She is a definite head turner!


Meet Winnie, she’s a Land Rover Defender and she’s hot. In fact, Winnie’s built-in oven burns at around 500 degrees!  Simon Walker converted the Defender TD5 110 and fitted a pizza oven inside.  The owner of this amazing conversion is ‘The Pizza Guy’ and he takes Winnie to festivals and events far and wide cooking up amazing pizzas in some of the countries most remote areas.  Simon says “The Land Rover Defender is the perfect vehicle for the job as he knows he isn’t going to get stuck when the weather turns bad”.

The Defender can carry the pizza oven, all the ingredients, and supplies along with an awning and tables for his food preparation.  Simon even drives around with a small fire burning inside.  The oven heats up to around 500 degrees so this means a whole pizza can cook in under 2 minutes.  It’s this heat and speed which combine to create a unique, truly authentic wood-fired flavor that’s impossible to recreate any other way.

Winnie is available to book for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Private Parties so if you would like ‘Winnie the Defender’ to turn up at your party why not get in contact – The Pizza Guy

Here at JGS4X4, we think she is a pretty cool conversion plus obviously, we really like pizzas!

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