Monster Remap & Gearbox Flush

Recently JGS4X4 had a customer bring his Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 in for a Monster Remap. He wanted to achieve increased performance and MPG.

As a registered Monster Tuning agent JGS4X4 can take a standard engine from 158hp to approx 192hp, that is a very respectable 20% increase in power and more impressive is an increase in torque from 400Nm to 455Nm! This owner will benefit with increased drivability and fuel economy as the engine will be working less hard, being able to hold onto the higher gears without stressing the engine.

To find out more, read about Monster Tuning Remaps on our website.

While we were working on the Discovery we recommended an EGR delete via the software to prevent any troublesome and expensive EGR problems in the future. This basically disables the EGR valve from operating via the software to prevent any problems before they occur.

This customer also took advantage of a Gearbox Flush at our Northamptonshire workshop. This was a preventative measure where we clean and flush out the internal gearbox components. It also flushes out debris and contaminants, removes over 99% of old worn out fluid.

To find out more, read about Gearbox Flushes on our website

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If for whatever reason you are not happy within 30 days with your remap, we will program the car back to standard and give you a full refund.

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