Monster Remap & Gearbox Flush

Vehicle: Black Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6
Problem: Preventative

This customer came in with his Discovery 3 for a Gearbox Fluid Flush and while he was here with us at JGS4X4 he decided to utilise our skills with our additional Monster Remap Service.  He wanted to achieve better drivability, more power and torque for better driving and increased fuel economy.

What is a Monster Remap? 

Remapping or chip tuning is a way of increasing the power output from All modern ECU controlled engines. The ECU’s default program is read from the car then certain operating parameters including fuel pressure, boost pressure, timing and others are adjusted and uploaded back to the ECU.

Typical examples of Power and Torques increases:

Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6

Original BHP: 190
Tuned BHP: 228 = 20% Increase
Original Torque NM: 440
Tuned Torque NM: 524 = 19% Increase

Check out this video:

Just of you know there is nothing illegal about tuning or remapping, although you should inform your insurance company of any alterations made to the vehicle.

Is it safe? – Yes, modern, well serviced engines and maintained cars are perfectly capable of handling the extra power. However, if your engine is not operating as it should, or there are already problems. then a remap could highlight these faults. We always carry out a fault code read beforehand and advise any faults are rectified before a Monster Remap.

After a Monster Remap you should feel an immediate improvement. If you want the best economy, try and drive gently using the extra low down torque.

If you take advantage of the power and drive hard all the time, we recommend more frequent servicing using high quality lubricants. Using premium fuel and/or a fuel additive will also help with performance and economy.  We recommend using MILLERS Diesel Power Ecomax Fuel System Treatment Additive

These are both while you wait services and they both take approx. an hour each. So if you are driving from a distance its well worth making use of both of these services.

For more information contact us via email, or

Click here: Monster Remap or Click here: Gearbox Fluid Flush

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