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JGS4X4 are authorised Monster Tuning Dealers for engine ECU remaps. Many of you are probably not aware exactly what an ECU Remap is. What it involves or the benefits of having a Monster Remap on your Land Rover , or any other make and model of modern car or van with an ECU controlled engine.

So why have a Monster Tuning ECU Remap?

A Monster Tuning Remap will not only give you more power, torque and economy benefits, but also offer EGR deletes at ECU level, so that you no longer have to suffer from a troublesome EGR valve! Remapping or chip tuning is a way of INCREASING the POWER output from All modern ECU controlled engines. The ECU’s default program is read from the car then certain operating parameters including fuel pressure, boost pressure, timing and others are adjusted and uploaded back to the ECU.

An example of the typical power and torque increases for a Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 are below:

Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6
Original BHP: 190
Tuned BHP: 228 = 20% Increase
Original Torque NM: 440
Tuned Torque NM: 524 = 19% Increase

A customer recently bought his Discovery 3 TDV6 into us for a Gear Box Fluid Flush and a Monster Tuning Remap at the same time. He was overjoyed with the results! He reported back to JGS4X4 that he found the engine was more responsive with smoother power delivery, and he was experiencing improved acceleration with the car pulling away better in any gear and at any speed.

One of the other key benefits is that overtaking is SAFER, as you will have increased low-end torque or grunt so less throttle is required! This also means that the engine works more effectively, resulting in better fuel economy (typically a fuel saving of around 10%). If you are a more careful driver customers have experienced up to 20% more savings.

Is it legal?

There is nothing illegal about tuning or remapping, although you should inform your insurance company of any alterations made to the vehicle.

Is it safe? – YES

Most modern, well-serviced engines and maintained cars are perfectly capable of handling the extra power. However, if your engine is not operating as it should, or there are already problems. then a remap could highlight these faults. We always carry out a fault code diagnostics beforehand and advise any faults are rectified before a remap.

After a remap you should feel an immediate improvement. If you want the best economy, try and drive gently using the extra low down torque. If you take advantage of the power and drive hard all the time, we recommend more frequent servicing using high-quality lubricants. Using premium fuel and/or a fuel additive will also help with performance and economy.

This is a service that we carry out at our premises in the heart of Northamptonshire, Just 2 miles from Junction 9 of the A14 near Kettering. To find out more contact JGS4X4 to make an appointment.

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – If for whatever reason you are not happy within 30 days with your remap, we will program the car back to standard and give you a full refund.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain including – Increased Performance, Improved MPG and Smoother Power Delivery when you book your vehicle in for a Monster Remap Service at JGS4X4.


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