Never get stuck with a puncture again!

Whether you go off the beaten track or not, getting a puncture is inconvenient, to say the least!

But imagine if you picked up a nail or screw in your tyre when off-roading, changing the tyre for the spare is difficult, time-consuming and can be dangerous in some situations and very awkward and messy if you are up to your ankles in mud!

JGS4x4 offers a convenient and easy to use tyre compressor and puncture repair kit. This kit allows you to fix most punctures without removing the wheel or tyre with the ARB puncture repair kit and the powerful T-Max compressor will soon have your tyre reinflated so you can safely carry on with your journey or at least get to somewhere safer to change to the spare wheel and tyre.

T-Max Tyre Compressor and ARB Puncture Repair Kit×4-tyre-air-pump-with-arb-tyre-repair-kit/

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