Never underestimate the importance of giving your Land Rover a Gearbox Flush!

JGS4X4 have been performing lots of gearbox flushes recently. So why would your Land Rover need a Gearbox Mega Fluid Flush?

The biggest enemy of an automatic transmission is the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates. Transmission fluid that is changed regularly; helps disperse heat better, lubricates clutch plates, and contains fresh detergents to keep the transmission clean and operating properly.

If the fluid is not changed, over time important additives oxidize and break down, reducing the ability of the fluid to lubricate and protect. This may cause acid, rust and sludge in the fluid, which is the leading cause of transmission failure.


Discovery 3’s, Discovery 4’s and Range Rover Sports with the ZF-6HP automatic gearbox should have a lovely smooth gear change. However, these gearboxes are supposed to be sealed for life so no service schedule includes changing the gearbox fluid.

As with any hardworking oil, the gearbox fluid in these gearboxes can get hot and generally worn out. Common signs are torque converter judder, slow and erratic gear changes and what feels like clutch slip as the engine revs but the speed does not increase.

Features & Benefits of a Gearbox Flush

✓ Cleans and flushes the internal gearbox components.
✓ Flushes out debris and contaminants
✓ Removes over 99% of old, worn out fluid
✓ Replaces exactly the same volume of new fluid
✓ The correct ZF-6HP fluid is used
✓ Eliminates common gearbox problems
✓ Preventative measure for healthy gearboxes

Symptoms your gearbox needs a fluid change:

  • Rough gear change during acceleration
  • Slow or delayed gearshifts
  • Noisy gear changes or loud transmission running noise
  • An increase in transmission vibrations felt inside the vehicle.

JGS4X4 carry out the gearbox Fluid Flush at our workshop near Kettering. It takes approx. 1 hour to perform. This is a while you wait service and you are welcome to have a hot drink and watch if you like!

Contact JGS4X4 for more information or to book an appointment!

Has your Land Rover had a gearbox flush recently, Did you notice the difference?  Let us know in the comments below

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2 comments on “Never underestimate the importance of giving your Land Rover a Gearbox Flush!
  1. Glenn Stockton says:

    Can you do Transmission oil change on a 2008 Landcruiser 120 series, is it worth it,vehicle done 65000miles


    • James says:

      We have no experience of Toyota’s so could not say for sure. In theory, if the Toyota has a separate transmission oil cooler and we have the correct fittings, then yes we could do it but we have never seen one.

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