NEW Discovery 5 Launched

Land Rover have officially launched the all new Discovery 5, although Land Rover do not want to name it the Discovery 5 instead they prefer just the New Discovery.

New Discovery 5 Making Some Dust

New Discovery 5 Making Some Dust

To be fair it is a completely new model, it is not just a face lift version of the outgoing Discovery 4 model, the New Discovery model bears very little resemblance to it’s ancestors in the Discovery family. Gone is the familiar stepped roof that gave the rear passengers a wonderful grandstand view, in fact gone are any of the traditional Discovery appearance that has made the Discovery a firm family favourite and arguably saved Land Rover from lost sales in the 1990’s.

The New Discovery unsurprisingly looks very similar to the recently launched Discovery Sport, which you would expect being it’s bigger brother. However more worryingly it looks very similar to the Range Rover Sport, the Range Rover and the baby of the family, the Range Rover Evoque. If you were to see any of these vehicles on the road, coming towards you or driving past, it would be difficult to tell which model they are!

New Discovery 5 Making Waves In Deep Water

New Discovery 5 Making Waves In Deep Water

Rest assured the New Discovery will be a fantastic car, practical, comfortable and capable but has it got any character? Will it be reliable? Only time will answer the last one!

I have no doubt Land Rover have made a superb car and no doubt they will sell lots of them as they have the Evoque, Land Rover are clever, they are a money making business and they know what the majority of people want or rather they have marketed a brand that people desire. Talking to the hardcore Land Rover fans who grew up with them in the 80’s and 90’s, they do not like the later models, they think Land Rover have lost the plot and are not building ‘proper’ Land Rover’s anymore. Maybe there is some truth in this or maybe it is jealousy as the price of the newer Land Rover models has risen beyond the reach of many of the old school Land Rover fans. Land Rover have designed and built the New Discovery for a particular market and customer who desire the Land Rover brand and have the funds to be able to afford it.

New Discovery 5 Tackles Steep Rocky Descent

New Discovery 5 Tackles Steep Rocky Descent

There is no doubt it is a good looking car from the front, But I cannot help thinking that they ran out of time or the main designer had a day off when the got to beyond the rear doors, that back end from the side looks wrong, like it has not been finished off! There are plenty of pictures of the front but very few of the back end, are they hiding something?

New Discovery 5 Off Roading In Style

New Discovery 5 Off Roading In Style

Land Rover are doing a fantastic job with the marketing, check out the official and Rover video here: New Discovery 5

What do you think?

Do you like it or hate it?

Do you thing it will grow on you?

Would you have one?

Do you think the Defender replacement will be along the similar lines?

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2 comments on “NEW Discovery 5 Launched
  1. Jason Wilkins says:

    I think it is a fantastic looking vehicle but not so sure it should have the Discovery name or even the Land Rover badge, it just looks like every other SUV, crossover, softroader or whatever you call them these days. I am sure it will be a great car and Land Rover will sell lots of them, just feel it has lost it’s identity.

  2. JonnyF says:

    Get with the times, technology and designs move on. The New Discovery will be a great, practical and capable car. I am sure it will be another milestone in the Discovery’s history and they will sell lots of them.

    Would I have one? Of course I would ‘if’ I could afford one, let’s be honest who wouldn’t?

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