Off Road Driving Techniques

Planning your next fun day out? Love off-road driving just as much as we do? Here at JGS4x4, we want to give you the best techniques for you to maximise the fun on your next off-road trip.

It goes without saying, when driving off-road your safety and those with you should be your number one priority. Nothing will spoil the fun like someone getting hurt, that also includes yourself. Constant awareness and concentration is key to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. Off-roading at an advanced level, requires complete mastery of your vehicle, as the skills you need for successful off-road driving are vital. To establish an idea of what your day will consist of and be fully prepared it is vital you understand the terrain and conditions, along with having instinctive knowledge of what to do if things go wrong.

Years and years of practice is needed if you want to drive well on varied terrain and you will always find yourself learning more. By expanding your choice of terrain and conditions for example ice, snow, to sand dunes and rutted woodland tracks, you will definitely feel good. Driving off-road in varied conditions not only is very rewarding but one of the most adventurous hobbies in the world.

We advise thinking ahead to fully prepare yourself for the adventurous day ahead. Imagining your vehicle driving through the path you intend to take, before you try it so you have mental preparation of the possible outcomes. Always try to plan the best path, that way you can hopefully avoid damage and maintain traction to get over, around or through whatever you are negotiating. Lastly, follow the fall line (drive to the lowest point).

Don’t forget about the essentials to off-road driving either –

  • Full gas tank
  • Tow rope (be sure it is rated heavy enough for your vehicle)
  • Navigational aids
  • Spare tire and everything needed to make a change in the field
  • First aid kit
  • Mobile phone
  • Portable air compressor
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