Portable Power Packs – Giving you ALL the options

JGS4x4 have various Battery Power Packs listed on the online shop.  JGS4x4 thought we would save you crucial research time and bring some of the buying options to your attention.  We’ve featured a few of them in this blog with varying costs, starting with the cheapest. We hope it will help you make to correct choice to suit your particular power pack needs.

So lets get going…First up…

The Portable 12v 700 Amp Power Pack Booster Starter Compressor & Light 

This is the cheapest option in the line up. A handy 12v power pack ideal for petrol vehicles up to 2000cc and diesel vehicles up to 1800cc.  It has an on/off power switch for safer connecting of the Heavy duty booster cables with insulated jaws. LED voltage indicator with battery charge, anti-surge protection and reverse polarity indicators.

A DC power socket allows the running of 12V/DC accessories to a maximum current of 15A.  Integral air compressor with pressure gauge, hose and popular adaptors. Can be easily recharged through a 230V AC mains supply or a 12V vehicle cigarette lighter socket so that it is always ready for use.

Essential for any motorist. Keep it in the boot of your car so you will never be stuck with a flat battery again.

Next up…

The RoadStart Emergency Power Pack 12V 900 Peak Amps

This comes in a tough composite hi-vis green case with moulded rubber protection, integral battery cable storage and carry handle.

LED Battery condition, polarity check, with audible warning if polarity is reversed, and charge indicators.

The RoadStart Emergency Power Pack features independent on/off switch which allows the positive clamp to be connected without the risk of sparking and an integral LED work light for use at night.

Fitted with two 12V power sockets that will accept any 12V device fitted with a vehicle accessory socket plug. Also features a handy USB outlet (5V/1A) for charging phones, tablets etc.


Next up…

The Portable Power Pack 12v Booster Starter Heavy Duty 1600-3200Amp


This heavy duty portable 12v Power Pack Booster Starter 1600-3200Amp is versatile and powerful enough to start engines requiring 12V batteries. Never get caught out with a flat battery again!

Fitted with LED battery condition and charge indicators, a test button, which gives true battery indication, 12V DC power output socket and rotating clamp holsters attached with 1M (approx) heavy-duty booster cables with insulated jaws.

Supplied with 230V mains charger.



And finally…

The Jump Starter Power Booster Pack Lithium-Ion 800Amp SEALEY SL2S

Powered by lithium-ion technology and fully protected against reverse charging and overload. This powerful 12V Jump Starter Pack benefits from being a compact, lightweight unit that also provides high power output for starting cars, vans and light commercials. Features a digital display that gives step by step instructions.

Capable of starting 5L petrol engines and 3.6L diesel engines. Features safe start protection with a sixty-second cooling down period between jump start attempts.

Li-ion batteries have numerous advantages over lead acid, including a flat discharge curve, this ensures a greater and extended performance and holds the charge for up to five times longer with high energy density levels giving more battery power per gram.

High power lithium battery and two 5V/2.1A USB outlets.

Can supply up to ten full charges for smartphones and mp3 players or two full charges for your tablet computer.

Lots of options there for you. You should never now get stuck with a flat battery! Click through and read all the specifications for the various power packs.

If you are still not sure, then email the team at JGS4x4 @ sales@jgs4x4.co.uk and ask them a question, they are always happy to help.

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