Power Steering Flush Service

Is a power steering flush necessary?

Many car owners are not aware or know whether or not vehicles really need a flush of their power steering fluid.

Engine, transmission, brake, and radiator flushes already part of vehicles’ general maintenance schedule, but the power steering system is often overlooked and neglected. This is a false economy as the power steering consists of some complicated, safety-critical and expensive components. 

Power steering systems are often referred to as sealed for life but when you get to see the sludge and grit in old fluid, it makes you realise that no fluid can last forever. The grit is like sand that gets into the rack and pinion seals and destroys them, and this can cause leaks and premature failure of power steering pumps, steering racks, and boxes. 

Fluid breaks down

Vehicles with a hydraulic power-steering system use power steering fluid. The fluid works in conjunction with the power steering pump to make it easier for the driver to turn the steering wheel and, therefore, the vehicle.

James at JGS4x4 says:

“As steering components wear, the fluid becomes contaminated with metal and rubber particles, continuous circulation of this contamination will result in increased wear of the pump and gear. This can lead to leaks and premature failure of expensive steering components.” He adds: “Power steering flushes should be performed as a preventive maintenance measure, just like and engine oil or transmission fluid change.”

When to replace power steering fluid

There are a few signs the power steering fluid may need to be replaced.

Dirty fluid or noise coming from the powering steering indicates the fluid may need to be changed. If you hear a moaning or growling-type sound as you turn, it could be an indication that the fluid level is low.

“Power steering systems are sealed, meaning they should not lose fluid over time,” James says. “If the power steering fluid needs to be topped up regularly, the vehicle should be inspected by a mechanic to determine the source of the leak. A power steering flush should be part of the regular service interval. At least every 30-40K miles or every 3-4 years”

Why do manufacturers say sealed for life?

Car manufacturers compete with one another on how low maintenance their vehicles are. They only have to get the car through the warranty period, and they’re off the hook. Then it’s on you to pay for any repairs!

JGS4x4 offers a quick, efficient and affordable power steering flush, primarily aimed at Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 and Range Rover Sport models that are prone to problems caused by worn-out power steering fluid. But we can carry the service out on any make and model of car.

Fortron Power Steering Flush Machine

JGS4x4 | Power Steering Flush Service

Contact us to book an appointment or why not get it done as a special add-on offer for just £29.99* with a regular service or gearbox mega flush.

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