Prepare Your Land Rover For Winter

With the nights starting to draw in, now is the perfect time to check your Land Rover is in good working order ahead of the winter months.

Land Rover Lights

Throughout winter we tend to keep our lights on during the day and night, therefore we recommend storing extra light bulbs in your Land Rover in case one does fail. Also, during the winter months there is a lot of dirt and salt that can quickly accumulate on your Land Rovers lights so we recommend frequently cleaning the lights to ensure you can see and can be seen by others.

Land Rover Fluid Levels

Before any journey we recommend checking all your Land Rover fluid levels including the engine oilcoolantbrake fluidpower steering fluidgearbox fluid and screen wash to prevent any damage and potential breakdowns.

Land Rover Battery

To reduce the possibility of the battery in your Land Rover failing we recommend using a trickle charger as the colder weather can put a strain on your Land Rovers battery. We also recommend storing a portable battery booster onboard for anytime you may need to jump-start your Land Rover without having to use power from another car.

Land Rover Tyres

You want to ensure you Land Rover tyres are in good condition ahead of any journey. Check your Land Rover tyres have sufficient tread depth (UK minimum legal limit 1.6mm) and check for any signs of cracking, bulging, cuts and tears to the tyre walls as any visible damage may be an indication that the tyres need to be replaced. Your Land Rovers tyre pressures (including the spare tyre) should also be checked ahead of any journey and be inflated to the levels outlined in your handbook. We suggest keeping a portable tyre inflator in your Land Rover that will re-inflate 4 large 4×4 tyres in minutes. 

Land Rover Wipers

With the amount of dirt and salt during the winter months, we recommend always checking your Land Rovers Wiper arms and wiper blades are in good condition as they can perish and split during the colder months.

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