Protect your Defender with quality Mud Flaps

One piece of equipment on your Land Rover that you probably don’t think much about is your Mud Flaps, but it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The right mud flaps can extend the life of your Land Rover and affect your whole driving experience.

The truth about Mud Flaps

  1. Fit our heavy duty rubber Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 PUMA Mud Flaps with chevron pattern and protect your Defender from mud and flying debris.
  2. Mud Flaps are essential especially when your tyres are constantly coming in contact with mud, dirt, rocks, salt, water and other elements found on the road.
  3. Mud Flaps not only protect your vehicle, but also from passing vehicles!
  4. Protects pedestrians from debris thrown into the air by the rotating tyre.
  5. An inexpensive accessory that will not only save you money, but time in the future too. Mud Flaps provide a hassle-free maintenance while keeping your Defender in top condition.
  6. Mud Flaps help withstand different weather conditions, may it be snowy, rainy or dry.
  7. The particles that come in contact with the exterior and even the underside part can cause grime, stains and chips onto the paint of the Defender.
  8. It can also ruin the paint and cause rust onto other metal parts on your vehicle. Mud flaps are made to protect the frame of your car from corrosion.
  9. Some people think that mud flaps are not necessary to use. There are numerous benefits you can get from this simple accessory especially for those who live in areas with rainy or snowy climates.
  10. It is also recommended for people who often drive in sandy areas or gravel roads (all you off-roaders).
  11. Mud flaps are designed to act as barrier between the tyres and the wheel well.

Great for off-roading too

Mud flaps are also recommended for off-roaders since they usually drive on harsh road conditions and always come in contact with road rocks, mud and other road particles. Mud Flaps reduce spray and add strength!

Get your new Mud Flaps here Now

Our quality Mud Flaps are replacement parts equivalent to Land Rover part numbers LR055332 and LR055340.

They are suitable for Land Rover Defender 90,TD5 and TDCi Puma models from 1998-2016.

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