Restoration Mabel: Carburettor rebuild

Work on our Land Rover Series 2a restoration project has begun, and one of our first jobs was to strip and rebuild the Carburettor.  

A dirty carburettor can cause hesitation if there is too much air and not enough fuel.  A few symptoms that the carburetor is failing could be:

  • Reduced engine performance
  • Black smoke from the exhaust
  • Backfiring or overheating
  • Hard to start

Our Series 2a carburettor was in a pretty dirty condition as the Land Rover hadn’t been used for a while, so we instantly knew this was a ‘must do’ job.  We stripped down the Carburettor and cleaned it in our Ultrasonic Cleaner. Once cleaned we rebuilt the carburettor using a Weber Carburettor Service Kit >

If we had needed to replace the carburettor JGS4X4 would have used a:  Weber Carburettor Replacement for Series 2, 2A & 3 > 

Top tip: Make sure if you strip down parts on any restoration you lay them out carefully, maybe even take pictures if you are not sure how to put them back together!

Once cleaned and rebuilt it was fitted back into place ready to fire up!  

Now, that looks better!  We think the next job could be the fuel tank…..there’s a bit of hole!

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