RoadPro Portable 12V Cooker Food Warmer Review

We have been caught out a bit with the popularity of the RoadPro Portable 12V Cooker, we sold out a few weeks ago but are pleased to say we have just received another delivery in time for Christmas!

These little 12v portable cookers are fantastic, ideal for having a freshly cooked, hot meal when out and about. Perfect for lorry drivers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, campers and of course off-roaders and other adventurers. Ideal to keep in your Defender ready for your next big adventure!

You can use them for proper cooking, not just for warming food! There are some great YouTube videos where people give some great hints and tips and recipes. Somebody even cooked some bread in theirs.

One of our customers let us know how pleased they were with theirs. He uses a foil takeaway tray, fills it with rice, vegetables and meat and covers with a cooking sauce, usually a curry sauce and prepares it the night before. He takes it with him in his van and remembers to plug it in an hour and a half before he wants to eat a fresh, healthy, hot and cheap meal rather than stopping for burgers and chips. He says if he fills it right up or uses bigger chunks of meat that he allows 2 hours to thoroughly cook it through. The lid seals so there are no smells and no risk of spillages.

We recently used one on an off-roading trip, we pushed the boat out and tipped 2 cans of baked beans and sausages in it, within 45 minutes we had a piping hot meal for 3, perfect! I wish I had one of these in my tractor driving days, it would have been perfect for having a hot meal instead of sandwiches every day!

RoadPro Portable Cooker

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One comment on “RoadPro Portable 12V Cooker Food Warmer Review
  1. Darren Corbett says:

    I actually had a taxi driver pick us up on New Years Eve and he had one of these warming up a curry at 2am, brilliant idea.

    I shall be ordering one for myself soon.

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