Service your Land Rover ready for the New Year

Servicing your Land Rover ahead of the New Year could save you a lot of money in the long run!

If like us, you like to maintain your own Land Rover and you’re looking for something to do in between Christmas and New Year, then why not give your Land Rover a service.

Even if your Land Rover has low annual mileage and you don’t use it that often, it’s always recommended to carry out a regular service to help optimise its performance and give you overall peace-of-mind by spotting any early signs of wear and tear.
Land Rover Service Kit by JGS4x4

Land Rover Engine Oil & Filter Change

Keeping your Land Rovers engine properly lubricated with regular oil and filter changes will help to remove any excess dirt build-up and allow the oil to flow freely.

Oil Filter

Land Rover Air Filter

We recommend replacing the air filter when servicing your Land Rover, to allow the correct flow of clean air into the engine and filter out any foreign particles. Overtime the small particles can clog the air filter and restrict the performance of the engine, potentially causing damage to the engine. Replacing the air filter at every service will keep your Land Rovers engine performing to its optimum.

Air Filter

Land Rover Fuel Filter

Overtime the fuel filter in your Land Rover can become clogged from small deposits and varnish caused by stale fuel. By renewing the fuel filter, it will keep the correct amount of fuel flowing to the engine, which in turn will enhance the overall performance and reliability of your Land Rover.

Fuel Filter
Land Rover Cabin Filter

We highly recommend changing the cabin filter when servicing your Land Rover as it filters out any foreign debris getting into the fan and heater systems and keeps fresh air flowing freely into the cabin area. Overtime bacteria can form on old cabin filters, which are not good for your health, therefore replacing the cabin filter not only helps fan and heater systems to operate correctly, it also is beneficial your health.  

Cabin Filter
Land Rover Glow Plugs

There is no set schedule to replace the glow plugs in your diesel Land Rover, but it’s worth replacing them when carrying out a service because if 1 or 2 go down you may experience a lump engine on start-up and notice smoke.

Glow Plugs
Land Rover Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are key to the efficient ignition of the fuel within your Land Rovers petrol engine. Poor or weak sparks will cause performance and economy issues and may affect the running of your Land Rover. Most modern Land Rovers use Iridium or Platinum tipped spark plugs which have a service life of over 60,000 miles, so if your Land Rover is duel a service its always worth checking the handbook to see when these due, as changing them on time/early will help to prevent any problems from occurring in the future. Also, fresh spark plugs put less strain on the coil-pack so you’ll find the coil pack will last longer, saving you money in the term by doing a relatively cheap and simple replacement now.

Spark Plugs
Other Items to Check

When carrying out the service on your Land Rover its always worth with checking the condition of the wipers, washer jets, brake fluid, power steering fluid and topping up/replacing as necessary. We also recommend checking the tyres and brake pads and disc condition for wear and replace if necessary.

Lastly, we like to grease the boot, door and bonnet hinges when servicing our Land Rovers using lithium-based grease.

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