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If you look after your Land Rover properly, you can radically reduce the risk of large bills later on. You could take it to a garage, especially if you want to keep the stamp going in your service manual, however, many Land Rover owners choose to maintain their vehicles themselves.

Regular servicing saves money – Getting your vehicle serviced regularly each year or every so many miles and maintaining it in between could be money well spent. Problems are likely to be caught early on and therefore be cheaper to fix. Your car could be more efficient and last longer too.

Missing service or extending service intervals – Not enough time, short of money, it is tempting to skip servicing on your car. But you don’t save in the long run and end up with bills later on. There could be negative effects on engine wear, also MPG will come into effect and be seen. Plus you can lose performance.

Check the oil levels – This seems a simple thing but is easily forgotten or overlooked. Oil is the life blood of your vehicle engine. Oil can be burned off through weak piston rings, seep out of a compromised gasket, to name just a couple of issues.

Change the oil –New, clean oil is generally amber in colour. As engine oil degrades it will generally change to a darker colour, carbon builds up and this can cause damage to the engines, turbo and oil ways.

Therefore, the best way to determine what colour your oil should be is to observe how your oil changes colour over time. Just pull the dipstick every few days, make a mental note, and at some point, you’ll learn to “read” your engine’s oil by colour, i.e. you may find that your oil starts to look dark brown after 3,000 miles, and very dark brown after 5,000. If your oil is supposed to be changed every 5,000 miles then you know that “very dark brown” likely means it’s time.

Milky, foamy, and/or cream-colored oil can be an indication of water related problems.

Check your coolant – Coolant transfers heat to the radiator for cooling. You can get different grades of coolant and even Waterless Engine Coolant that’s once in a lifetime coolant instead of needing changing every 3 to 4 years.

Monitor fuel – Using more fuel could be down to buying fuel with lower octane content. Always buy good quality fuel. You can also buy products to add to fuel to clean injectors and add octane as well. A clean engine uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions. Change the fuel filter. Clean fuel is vital for your car’s engine to perform efficiently.

Check tyre pressures – Correct tyre pressure can help to extend the life of your tyre, improve vehicle safety and maintain fuel efficiency.

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One comment on “Servicing Tips
  1. Bob Ball says:

    Very good advice. I service mine regular as clockwork and your service kits make it easy to swing by and collect all I need in one go.

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