Slamming the hood: Land Rover Bonnet Catch Failure

Many Land Rover owners have been experiencing a few problems with their Discovery 3 & 4, Range Rover Sport and Evoque models having the bonnet catch failing.

Bonnet Catch Failure

There have been reports of the warning light on the dashboard indicating that the bonnet is not shut, or the alarm goes off because it thinks the bonnet is open. Often the bonnet just won’t shut properly!


A few quotes:

“Closed the bonnet this morning and checked it was shut, got in the car to see a message bonnet open. Got out of the car and tried to lock it, wouldn’t. Opened bonnet again and gave it a real slam, all then ok. Not good shouldn’t have to slam bonnet”.

“I often find that I have to slam the hood several times or REAL HARD to get the sensor to turn off the red signal on the dash.”

“Same problem here. I tried for two days to get the sensor to recognise that the hood was actually closed and latched to no avail. Only after slamming the **** out of it did the sensor recognise that it was closed. Whether the car was running or not when I closed the hood had no impact on the sensor.”

“This is a bigger problem than it might sound. If the computer thinks that the hood is open, it will not allow you to lock the vehicle. Consequently, I was unable to lock mine during those two days. The auto start/stop function is also disabled if the computer thinks the hood is open as well.”

After a bit of research by JGS4X4 we now stock Replacement Anti Theft Bonnet Catches.

Get a Replacement Bonnet Catch with an Integral Switch Sensor for the Alarm System.

If the alarm keeps going off, or won’t set it is likely that the catch is faulty.  There is a catch on both sides, this fits either side but the alarm is normally only connected to the right-hand catch.

Click on the relevant link below:

Discovery 3, 2004-2005
Discovery 4, 2010-2016
Freelander 2, 2007-2014
Range Rover Sport, 2005-2013
Range Rover Evoque, 2012>
Range Rover Sport, 2014>
Discovery Sport, 2015>

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2 comments on “Slamming the hood: Land Rover Bonnet Catch Failure
  1. John Enright says:

    Is this an upgraded replacement part that solves the problem?

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