Soft Shackles vs Steel Shackles

Soft shackles are fast becoming the preferred replacement to the standard steel bow shackles. Why?  Safety of course!

Let’s say your mate gets stuck; you take out your snatch strap, connect it to the stuck vehicle with your steel bow shackles. At this point, if the recovery point fails or you’ve incorrectly attached the shackle you instantly have a potentially lethal weapon! There is a chance you’ve got a heavy piece of metal flying through the air at a speed similar to a bullet.  This could result in a serious injury!Soft Shackle 11mm 4x4 Recovery Synthetic Rope 5830Kg


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Why buy soft shackles?

Manufactured from 11mm 12-strand UHMWPE rope with a built-in UV inhibitor, these soft shackles are a lightweight, easy and safe way of joining ropes and strops. They are designed to be safe, lightweight and easy-to-use as an alternative to conventional steel bow shackles. By using a soft shackle you effectively remove a very heavy and potentially lethal standard metal shackle from your recovery kit.

Due to the much lower kinetic energy being stored, using this soft shackle is much safer in the event of a rope or strop failure.

No more scratched paintwork

They can also be used to attach ropes to standard towing eyes without scratching the paintwork. The protective sleeve looks great and offers protection against dirt and abrasion.

Also, the soft shackle floats meaning no more lost shackles in mud or watery environments during recoveries! They are also flexible, so suitable for a huge variety of applications.

Supplied as a pair.

Soft Shackles – Buy Now >

Advantages of the soft shackle:

  • Maximum strength-tow weight ratio, and strength comparable to steel
  • Low elongation, minimal stretch
  • Can be wrapped around almost anything without causing damage to your vehicle or scratching the paint
  • One-piece construction
  • Lightweight for gross weight reduction (of your vehicle, recovery kit, etc)
  • Takes less time to set up than a conventional shackle
  • Floats in water and muddy environments
  • Water and UV-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant sleeves offer maximum durability
  • Not open to rust
  • Easy to store

Minimum breaking load – 5,830kgs

See how easy the rope shackles are to use:

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