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Keeping you up to date with new products is one of JGS4x4 priorities. This week’s new product is Swing Away Spare Wheel Carriers. We have 3 variations of spare wheel carriers, manufactured by Britpart, Bearmach, Terrafirma and an OEM version.

Firstly, let me give you a bit of background as to why these ‘Swing Away’ wheel carriers are so good.

Traditionally Defender station wagons/hard tops have the spare wheel mounted on the rear door. This looks cool! But the weight of oversized wheels and tyres puts enormous strain on the door structure and in particular the door hinges.

For those of you who are not familiar with swing away spare wheel carriers, essentially, they allow for practical positioning of the spare wheel, right out on the back of the rear door, acting as an additional support that moves with the door. The swing away carrier takes all the load of the wheel, so the door doesn’t. These spare wheel carriers attach securely and strongly to the rear chassis crossmember and bulkhead, taking the weight and strain off the rear door an hinges. They swing out easily and smoothly as the rear door opens.

The first is the JGS 4X4 BESTSELLER

Bearmach Land Rover Rear Door Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier Mount – BA132, £144.80

Suitable for all Hard Top Defender models.

Britpart Land Rover Defender Spare Wheel Carrier – £226.00

Suitable for all hard top Series and Defender models with side hinged door. Not suitable for drop down tailgates or soft top models.

Terrafirma Defender Spare Wheel Carrier for 90 & 110 Station Wagon & Hard Top Models – TF051 – £219.00.

Suitable for all Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 Station Wagons and Hard Tops.

Land Rover OEM, Spare Wheel Carrier Swing Away – DA2232G – £247.50

Suitable for all hard top Series and Defender models with side hinged door. Not Suitable for drop town tailgates or soft top models.

Once you have fitted your Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier you will find yourself grimacing less when ‘off-roading’ or hitting pot holes (and there are a lot of those at the moment!) as the rear door probably used to actually wobble. Fitting the wheel to a proper carrier is much safer for pedestrians and fellow road users, it looks so much better and is very hear-wearing.

These are all highly recommended additions to any Defender and Series Land Rover’s.

Remember you can shop for ALL your Land Rover parts & accessories at JGS 4X4!

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