Stoke Rochford Charity Land Rover Run Full Write Up

What better way to start a weekend than meeting at JGS4X4 for an off road outing! The JGS Discovery 3 and JGS Tomcat were joined by Connor with his L322 Range Rover to take part in the Stoke Rochford Charity Land Rover Run. The aim was to have some fun but to also raise money for ABF The Soldiers Charity.

Dirty Tomcat in it's natural Environment!

Dirty Tomcat in it’s natural Environment!

The three vehicles headed out of JGS towards the A1 heading North to Grantham. Not a bad run on a lovely sunny, September Saturday morning.

Wendy, Paul and the crew organised refreshments, the bacon butties, sausage rolls and tea and coffee were most welcome. We checked the vehicles in at the estate reception. Once the groups were all refreshed we were heading out for a tour around the beautiful estate and farmland, led by Nr Neil McCorquodale in his wonderfully original Series 1. There were some nice, gentle green lanes and farm tracks that took us around the fields. After about 30 minutes of gentle driving we arrived at the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks off-road training track and were met by Ltd Col Guy Stone.

After a short brief in the barracks we were sent off into the military off-road training ground. Thomas kept James on the right track in the Discovery 3 and Steve got his first taste of off roading in Connor’s Range Rover, talk about starting with the basics! The start of the course was a nice mud run with some interesting side slopes to get you into things. There were lumps and bumps, muddy wet holes and some larger mounds to clamber up and a couple of very steep, slippery climbs and descents.

Muddy track with humps and bumps

Muddy track with humps and bumps

The first time around the track we enjoyed the thrills that all the tracks had to offer taking around 25 minutes to complete. We had a brief stop to have a bit of banter and swap drivers and passengers and we were off again. The mud seemed deeper as were the ruts in places, the Range Rover’s chrome side steps took a few scrapes along the deeper ruts and in a couple of places the Discovery 3’s steering guard could be felt touching the mud. The steeper climbs were more difficult as wet, claggy mud was further up them now and a little more momentum was required to prevent getting cross axled ¾ of the way up the steepest climb.

JGS4x4's Discovery 3 Makes Light Work of the Military Off Road Course

JGS4x4’s Discovery 3 Makes Light Work of the Military Off Road Course

The last trip around was a little different though! The Tomcat was allowed off it’s leash at long last!! What once was beautiful gleaming orange soon became almost completely brown, as we left the start flying around the site in 6 minutes flat, only having to slow down at the end, mud and muddy water flew everywhere, even on the roof, as the Tomcat hurtled around with impressive ease and agility. The suspension coming into its own across the rough terrain, up and over the hills, in and out of the water till the finish line. The JGS Discovery 3 went at a more comfortable and leisurely pace, as you can see from how much less muddy it is in the photo’s! The Discovery 3 always brings a smile as it effortlessly makes light work of whatever it is thrown at, for such a big, heavy vehicle it does very well helped greatly by the Cooper Discoverer Maxx tyres that seem to provided endless grip and comfort in all situations.

Steep Climb Was No Bother For The JGS4x4 Discovery 3

Steep Climb Was No Bother For The JGS4x4 Discovery 3

All the vehicles were pressure washed down before leaving the military base ready to embark back onto the roads to head back to Stoke Rochford Estate where we started for some much needed tea and some lovely cakes.

The Tomcat finally got dirty!

The Tomcat finally got dirty!

It was fantastic fun and an entertaining day out for everybody, a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones while raising £1133.88 for ABF The Soldiers Charity.

We did hear there will be another similar event for next year so watch this space, when we know about it we shall let you all know, so if you’d like to join us you are more than welcome to.

JGS4x4 Discovery 3 Stayed Cleaner Than The Tomcat!

JGS4x4 Discovery 3 Stayed Cleaner Than The Tomcat!


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3 comments on “Stoke Rochford Charity Land Rover Run Full Write Up
  1. Karl Mendes says:

    Well done for a great review and write up and more importantly well done for taking part. It sounds like you had a very exciting day.

    My family and I would like to come along next time and try out our Discovery on the tough off road course.

    • Richard Johnstone says:

      Hi Karl

      Thank you for your kind words on our write up. We all had a great time, with great people. Soon as we get any information on the next event we will be sure to post it both on our site here and the JGS4X4 Facebook page as well. Be good to see you, your family and the discovery.

  2. Tony Syedale says:

    Never mind the Tomcat, the Discovery 3 looks awesome, siiting pretty with those oversized tyres, I like that look a lot! The picture at the top of the hill shows how good they are off-road, incredible amount of suspension travel.

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