T-Max Portable Tyre Compressor

If you regularly do any off-roading whether at pay and play site or greenlaning, there are many advantages in lowering your tyre pressures slightly to get extra traction. However it also very important to re-inflate the tyre to the correct pressures before travelling at speed on the roads.
But how can you quickly and easily re-inflate your tyres when out in the middle of nowhere?

The T-Max Heavy Duty portable 12v compressor, available from JGS4x4 is a very powerful compressor that can quickly inflate your tyres back to their normal pressure. In fact it is so powerful that it will re-inflate a completely flat, large 4×4 tyre in a matter of minutes and can go onto inflate all 4 tyres without any problems. Unlike some poorer quality compressors that can only be used for a few minutes before overheating and cutting out.

The T-Max Heavy Duty 12v compressor comes with a long power cable and crocodile clips to attach directly to the battery. The extendable air hose allows you to reach all 4 tyres with ease. Because this is a powerful compressor, it cannot be plugged into a lighter socket, it has to be connect to the battery and it is recommended to have the engine running.

We at JGS4x4 have been selling T-Max compressors for years, we have sold hundreds if not thousands and hear nothing but praise from customers.

If you want a small, lightweight yet powerful compressor, you won’t be disappointed with a T-Max compressor.


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