The Landy Owner Wave

If you’re a Landy driver, you’ll most likely have encountered the ‘Land Rover Wave’.  Being a Land Rover owner requires all drivers to know the unwritten rule. In this post, let’s look deeper into this heritage filled tradition.

This guy believes it evolved from two series drivers who were approaching each other when one of them decided to wipe his screen…listen to his story.

This is a nice tale, but most likely it’s a throwback from vehicle owners waving when encountering a driver of the same make or model, such as MG Drivers (we’ve even heard of GMC vans, i.e. the A-Team van doing it).

From further research…it would also appear the practice has spread to the far corners of the world, such as South Africa (a hoot or flash of the headlights), Australia, Belgium, Holland…. the list goes on.

Whatever the true origins, (perhaps it was started by Land Rover marketing?) it’s charming and puts a smile on your face. We believe the wave is a way of showing respect for owning (and maintaining) such a quality piece of engineering.

The Four Salutations

Should you see another Land Rover driver on the road it is customary to show your support by waving and wishing them one of four things:

  1. All the best on your journey!
  2. Congratulations on your stylish choice of vehicle!
  3. If that’s a V8 I hope you have a fire extinguisher!
  4. Help – I’ve been kidnapped and require urgent assistance!

Remember – Don’t Wave:

  • Too early, or you may be missed
  • On the motorway (dangerous)
  • If a vehicle is behind you and it is unsafe to do so (in traffic, urban areas e.t.c)
  • At night (you’ll probably be accidentally missed due to headlights anyway)
  • If doing so will mean jeopardising control of the vehicle (in a corner for example)

Types of Wave

The Cool Dude – A simple index finger lift from the steering wheel

The New Land Rover Owner – Light flash combined with a whole hand wave, even a double hand wave, and any passengers will be waving too.

The Old Timer – All fingers of one hand raised from the wheel

Don’t be upset if you weren’t seen. The driver may not have been looking! He could have his mind on something else or be checking his speed, gears, engine temps (or oil levels) e.t.c. it happens.

When approaching another Landy always remember to maintain the rule of “The Wave”, you never know who’s watching!  A real Land Rover Owner will be truly gutted if they realise they missed a waving opportunity.

Do you do the Landy Wave – Are you a ‘Cool Dude’, ‘New Land Rover Owner’ or an ‘Old Timer’?  Let us know in the comments.


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