The UK loses Land Rover Discovery production in the UK – It’s not all bad news!

Looks like the UK are losing the production of the Land Rover Discovery in the UK – but is it all bad news?  JLR is set to move the production of the Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia.  Potentially hundreds of agency workers are at risk of losing their jobs at Jaguar Land Rover. There are 1,800 agency workers in the Solihull plant, out of a workforce of 10,000. 

Part of the blame for the move is the decline in diesel sales in the UK due to the new emissions and low-carbon rules set out by the government.  


“The potential losses of some agency employed staff in the UK is a tough one but forms part of our long-term manufacturing strategy as we transform our business globally,” JLR said in a statement.

It was believed that the manufacture of the Discovery would be split between Solihull and Slovakia originally, however, ideas seemed to have changed in recent months. 

The future is Electric

Moving the Discovery build to Slovakia will ‘pave the way’ for other models to be built here in the West Midlands.  It has been rumoured that Jaguar Land Rover plans to increase the production of electric cars in Solihull.  They are making space in Solihull to increase the electric car production to produce a new range of hybrid and electric powered Range Rovers – The cars of the future! 

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Could this move create more jobs?

I am sure the decision wasn’t taken lightly. It’s a tough one, Jaguar Land Rover are trying to move with the times and part of their long-term shuffle and strategic plan is to increase sales in the long term.  It was never going to happen without casualties.  However, with the promise of significant investment and technology upgrades to the plant to enable the build of new electric models, it will almost certainly produce more jobs in the future and transform the JLR business globally.


Let’s not forget this is what the government wants – more electric cars! If the move of the Discovery means producing more electric cars here then overall maybe its a good thing for Land Rover.  Land Rover is looking to the future and moving with the times by making the transition to a low-carbon economy.

They have been a bit slow in getting into hybrids but now they are getting up to speed. However, sadly the casualty is losing the UK built Land Rover Discovery.

What do you think? Is electric the future?

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