The Very Best of Terrafirma 4×4 Parts & Accessories

Upgrade your Land Rover and push boundaries with Terrafirma, one of the world’s most recognised 4×4 parts and accessory brands! Designed with serious Land Rover enthusiasts in mind, Terrafirma parts and accessories will give your Land Rover the ultimate edge when adventuring on and off-road.

Land Rover Terrafirma Suspension Lift Kits

Terrafirma produce a variety of Land Rover lift kits to accommodate different load and height preference. From their Terrafirma medium load suspension kit +2 All Terrain (TF202K-1), a great all-rounder kit, suitable for all environments and conditions from motorway driving to off-roading, to their Terrafirma heavy load suspension kit +2 All Terrain (TF228), ideal for Land Rovers carrying a substantial amount of extra weight, such as expedition gear including a roof rack, tools and a winch bumper. Another benefit to fitting a Terrafirma Lift Kit to your Land Rover is the increased ground clearance, enabling you to fit bigger tyres for off-roading and mid plugging!

Land Rover Terrafirma Raised Air Intake (Snorkel)

Terrafirma’s impact-resistant Raised Air Intakes (snorkels) are designed to fit the contours of your Land Rover seamlessly so there is no obstruction to your view when driving. The low noise ‘clean air’ draws the air from the highest point of your Land Rover through removable steel vents – ideal for wading through water! Manufactured from highly durable LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) and will not discolour from UV rays.

Land Rover Terrafirma 4x4 Recovery Winch

Terrafirma are well known for producing top quality winches for commercial, recreational and competition off-road use. The Terrafirma A12000 4×4 Recovery Winch has a powerful 6hp 12v motor with a low noise 3 stage planetary gearbox that gives 12000lb of pulling power, a high quality synthetic rope and comes with a wireless remote control and a standard cable remote. The Terrafirma M12.5S 12v Electric Self-Recovery Winch has 12,500lb pulling power, a 6.6hp motor, a fast line on and off-load and is lightweight at only 37.5kg including the cable remote and two wireless remote controls.

Land Rover Terrafirma Bush Kit

The uprated Terrafirma polyurethane bushes provide greater absorption over bumps and control the amount of movement on the joints whilst reducing noise and vibration in your Land Rover.

Land Rover Terrafirma Wheel Spacers

Fit Terrafirma wheel spacers to your Land Rover to increase the track width, providing better stability and a more planted look when paired with bigger tyres.

Land Rover Terrafirma Heavy Duty Steering Rods

As we all know, ground clearance is hugely important for successful off-road driving. The lowest point of your Land Rover will inevitably make contact with the ground at some stage while negotiating rocks and tree stumps. Terrafirma have design heavy duty steering rods that are made from solid 30mm diameter steering bar, making them much stronger than the original Land Rover steering rods – ideal for tackling tough terrain.

Land Rover Terrafirma Lift Rods

Terrafirma adjustable link rods allow for the ride hight in your Land Rover to be adjusted quickly between the standard ride height to a lifted ride height for off road ground clearance. If you are planning to permanently set it to the lifted ride position, we would recommend a 4-wheel alignment is carried out.

We stock a wide range of Terrafirma 4×4 accessories including towing equipment, suspension, steering, recovery and lighting – to view the full Terrafirma range click here.

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