ThoMar Airdry Ice Fresh Dehumidifier – No more Condensation!

In the winter time condensation can be a big problem, especially in your car. A fogged up windscreen can take ages to clear before you can drive! With the ThoMar Airdry dehumidifier this will all change!

The ThoMar Airdry can absorb up to 800ml water and helps to ensure a dry interior of your Land Rover, cellar, boat or even home. It prevents the windows from becoming steamed up and keeps your electronics free from damage. It also is capable of preventing mould and mildew stains on your upholstery and leather.

Like a sponge, ThoMar Airdry draws and then locks in moisture, using the contained action granules (non-dripping system). The natural granulate can absorb moisture for up to 2-4 months.

This makes ThoMar Airdry the most powerful car dehumidifier available of its kind!

The upper side of the Airdry is made from a non-woven fabric, which becomes noticeably damp through moisture absorption. The underside is made of plastic, preventing moisture from being transferred downwards. Just regenerate on a heater and reuse. This dehumidifier is re-usable and environmentally friendly!

What causes Condensation?

Condensation forms when there is a temperature and moisture gradient between the car interior and outside. In other words, when the car has a higher humidity than even the damp British environment! If the outside is also cooler than the vehicle interior, water hits the windows or windscreen and turns into droplets. The higher the humidity in your car, the more of these droplets form until you can’t see out the windscreen.

What causes the humidity to rise inside a vehicle?

Moisture in your car can build up for a number of reasons. Wet clothing, such as jackets or coats, are a common cause. High humidity can also happen due to a leak somewhere in the body of the car or even just breathing. Whatever the reason, it’s important to reduce the humidity in your car. Aside from being frustrating, condensation could be a potential hazard if you can’t see properly or if the windows mist up while you’re driving. A moisture absorber is one of the fastest ways to fix the problem.

Safe to use around children and pets! Place one in the foot well and one in the boot. Remember, these aren’t just ideal for the car.

No more musty odours, mildew, corrosion or mould!

Use them in your Caravan or boat when storing over the winter to protect the textiles, metals and electronics! Damp weather, temperature fluctuations in the interior, caused by sunlight can cause condensation. Humidity is drastically reduced when using a ThoMar Airdry.

Take advantage of our Multi Box Offers:




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Take advantage of our Multi box options and place them in your: Lorry, Garage, Spare room, Pantry, Wardrobes, Office, anywhere susceptible to condensation and humidity. Fully portable, so you can move them anywhere you have a dark and musty corner to help reduce the presence of mould and mildew!

Please note:  Results are not instant.  Give it a few days to do it’s job!


Weight: 1 kg
Moisture absorption: approx. 800 ml
Dimensions: approx.  35x16x9 cm
Regeneration on a heater

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2 comments on “ThoMar Airdry Ice Fresh Dehumidifier – No more Condensation!
  1. Rich says:

    I put one in my Defender on Friday, Sunday Morning no condensation on the screen and its been clear since. Smells nice too.
    I will be trying the other unit out in a damp cupboard, overall great product and great price.

    • James says:

      I have put one in each of our cars too, not so much for the damp but because they make such good, long lasting air fresheners.

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