Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow!

The White Stuff is coming….

The UK is set to get the big freeze! Temperatures are expected to drop well below zero.

The Met Office is warning that temperatures could plunge to -5C in some regions – followed by 60mph storms, snow dumps, and washouts.

They also forecast:

“The period between Christmas and New Year is looking interesting as there are likely to be some major low-pressure storm systems hitting the UK and these will clash with much colder air over the country bringing potentially crippling snowfalls and ice storms..”

You never know if or when it will hit the UK  but there are a few things we can consider when driving in the snow so let’s get prepared…

JGS4X4 thought we would share our ‘Top Tips’ for driving your Land Rover in the snow.  One of the most important things to remember is SPEED if you want to stay safe in your Land Rover!  The average Land Rover weighs over 2 tons, and with some nearer 3 tons. With a higher center of gravity compared to most vehicles, stopping quickly may not be as quick as you may think!

Remember to take your time or you may end up looking like this…



Pull away in second gear, and if you are driving an automatic, only the slightest of engine power is required to avoid the braking of traction under the tyres.

If you are driving uphill, once again pick a higher gear and keep your distance from other vehicles.  Don’t forget Stopping distances are up to ten times greater in snow and ice. Leave even more space behind the car in front than you usually would

If you are driving an automatic, these are not easy to control the engine power. If you have terrain response, read the manual and pick the most suitable setting

Driving downhill – KEEP OFF THE BRAKES as much as possible.  ABS and traction control are very effective, allowing you to steer the vehicle, and keep a long distance from any vehicles or pedestrians.

Brake, steer and accelerate as smoothly as possible. Only use the brakes if you cannot steer out of trouble.  Drive so that you do not rely on your brakes to be able to stop.

On motorways stay in the lane clearest of snow, ice, and slush. Keep within the clear tyre tracks if you can.

Keep an eye on where the front wheels are pointing especially if you are stuck or being pushed or pulled out. In many situations, on full lock, a vehicle will still head straightforward in a skid!

Good tyre’s are essential for optimal performance, maybe consider getting some winter tyre’s on your Land Rover.

Clear ALL snow and ice from the windscreen and roof of your Land Rover before driving…

Clearly something this driver forgot to do…


Most importantly drive steady and Stay Safe this winter!

Remember to come to JGS4X4 for all your Land Rover Parts & Accessories this winter!

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2 comments on “Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow!
  1. Chris Buckingham says:

    Minus 5 ! We have had that down here in the South of France for 2 weeks.

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