Travelling with your Dog this Spring

So now the weather is getting better…. I say this whilst I look out the window and see it’s still raining, we are all thinking of different trips away.

There is nothing better than jumping into the car and taking the dog with you and discovering new walks and places to go. I know my spaniel loves trips away in the car, as she always stands next to my car waiting for the boot to open for her! I always ensure she has plenty of water, her nice comfy bed, blankets, towels and most importantly her Bonio biscuits!
The most important thing to consider is your dog’s safety whilst travelling. A lot of people are still letting their dog have free range of the car, as they think it’s cute letting them stick their heads out the window, but really this is asking for problems. Why risk your life and theirs, for the sake of buying something secure for them to be safe behind or in.

Here at JGS4x4, we stock dog guards for all Land Rover models to help keep your furry family member safe. Having a dog guard is one of the safest methods for your driving, as if an accident did occur, it would prevent your dog hitting you and going through the window.

When travelling with your dog, you should ensure you have adequate stops to let them out to stretch their legs, plenty of water as well, as they can get very thirsty whilst in transit and a first aid kit. Also, ensure your dog has space to be able to move about so they can keep comfy.

The other good thing about having a dog guard is that you can clip their leads to it, you can also store things in your boot and not have to worry they will come shooting through to you. They are also fantastic for when you go camping, you can use them as a drying rack!

Have a look on our website for a dog guard that will keep your family pet safe on their travels.

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One comment on “Travelling with your Dog this Spring
  1. Josef says:

    dog guards are good also for keeping you safe from your pets or heavy items should you have an accident you dont want heavy items like a toolbox or dog flying forwars and hitting yuo on head. Maeke sure you keep heavy items secured.

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