Tyre Sealant Revolutionising the 4×4 Market

Getting a puncture is undoubtedly one of the most annoying problems for any Land Rover owner. The time it takes to repair or replace a tyre could be spent adventuring across uneven terrain, exploring unseen land, or getting you to an important meeting.

The release of expedition grade tyre sealant designed as a puncture preventative is exactly what the 4×4 market needs. Specifically formulated for the British Special Forces, used across all their vehicle expeditions for the past 16 years, this tyre sealant instantly and permanently seals punctures up to 15mm in car tyres, up to 20mm in 4×4 tyres and an impressive 25mm in truck tyres – working in both tubed and tubeless tyres. Having passed the Ministry of Defence vigorous tests this tyre sealant is the only one to hold an active NATO stock number!

This premium tyre sealant provides an extra level of safety when driving in remote and extreme locations as it seals speedily, maintains tyre pressures, ensures maximum fuel range and it doesn’t prevent your tyres from being aired down when negotiating soft terrain, reducing your risk of being stranded. 

MAX Adventure Expedition Grade Tyre Sealant Seals Punctures
MAX Adventure Expedition Grade Tyre Sealant Seals Punctures - How it works

MAX Adventure Expedition Grade Tyre Sealant increases your Land Rovers tyre life by up to 20% by distributing heat throughout the tyre. This revolutionary tyre sealant has an indefinite shelf life and is super easy to install – a 1 litre bottle will treat 2 standard 4×4 tyres and will not damage or corrode the rim or tyres.



We’re now proud stockist of the MAX Adventure Expedition Grade Tyre Sealant. To get yours go to https://www.jgs4x4.co.uk/max-adventure-expedition-grade-tyre-sealant-seals-punctures/  


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