Upgrade Your Land Rover’s Audio System

Are you looking for an upgrade of your Land Rover’s Audio system?

If the answer is yes, here at JGS 4×4 Ltd, we have the answer to your needs. whether it’s simply a set of co-axial speaker to bolt straight into your original dash mount

Whether it’s simply a set of co-axial speakers to bolt straight into your original dash mount holes or a full audio kit to give clarity all round your vehicle, and a subwoofer to improve the low frequency notes that your standard audio system will miss.

We have partnered up with Vibe Audio, and have several Vibe and Match products to offer you, ranging from budget co-axial upgrades in Vibe’s budget Pulse range, through to their high-end award winning C-Ven range, and also the match range they import from Audiotec Fischer in Germany.

Vibe are a company who recently have taken the high-end audio game to a whole new level in the UK and Europe, having had a previous reputation as a ‘Halfords Brand’, have turned around a lot of their products. Don’t get me wrong, they still do a catalogue of their products aimed at that market, however, they have also increased their range and reputation to not only produce award winning products, but also competition winning products in one of the hardest, most competitive competitions in EMMA UK (European Mobile Media Association), and also taking the European Finals by storm, winning the most sought after trophy in the Finals in March 2015, Europe’s loudest vehicle, although sadly, technical difficulties in the following finals stopped them retaining the title.

For any of your needs, on any Land Rover, not just the Defender, please get in contact with us at sales@jgs4x4.co.uk and we will help wherever possible and advise you on your individual needs.

Why not take a browse through the kits we offer for the Land Rover Defender on our website for more information on made up kits. The kits are shown here, with these products and more available to order directly.


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