Viscous Fan Removal Tools

Removing the viscous fan can be a right pain on any engine!

The older Land Rover 300TDi and Td5’s are not too bad as you can just about access them with a cranked viscous fan spanner. But on the later Discovery 3, 4, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover models they can be very difficult to get a spanner on yet alone get any decent leverage on them.

We now stock the answer! These special viscous fan tools from Sykes-Pickavant consist of 2 extra long, slim tools, one for holding the pulley and one for undoing the spanner nut.

Having the right tools makes a difficult job much easier!

These tools are a must have item for any Land Rover garage or indeed any DIY mechanic, being able to change the fan belt yourself will pay for the tools rather than paying a garage to do what should be a simple job.

Always remember that most viscous fans are a left-hand thread, ie opposite to normal nuts and bolts, so you turn clockwise to undo it!


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