What is a gearbox flush & should I get one?

Are you finding that your much loved Land Rover is having problems with its auto gearbox? Slow changing gears, juddering, hunting between gears or over-revving? Then here at JGS, we have the exact resolution to your issues.

It sounds like what your auto gearbox needs is an ATF mega flush and fluid change to have your Land Rover running smoothly on the roads again. The Discovery 3’s, Discovery 4’s and Range Rover Sports with the ZF-6HP automatic gearbox should have a lovely smooth gear change. This is where our services come into place – due to these vehicles having gearboxes which are supposed to be sealed for life, meaning no service schedule includes changing the gearbox fluid, but JGS can get that Landy feeling smooth again.

Why should you get one?

Well with any hardworking oil, the gearbox fluid in these gear boxes can become hot and generally worn out. If you’re experiencing this, then your car will have signs of the torque converter judder, slow and erratic gear changes and what will feel like clutch slip as your engine revs yet your speed does not increase. We have a state of the art Fortron ATF Flush machine which flushes the oil system of your Land Rover automatic gearbox and will change the old, worn out ATF, in a simple but effective way to get your vehicle back to how you want it.

How do we do it?

Using a flush additive allows us to remove the varnish and clean internal components, meaning we remove the old fluid and replace it simultaneously with ZF-6HP specification fluid. If this doesn’t impress you enough we will also add a conditioner to the new ATF fluid to help maintain the fluid, gearbox and seal in great condition. The brilliant benefits of this service include the cleaning and flushing of internal gearbox components, debris and contaminants are flushed out, we remove over 99% of old, worn out fluid & replace the same volume of the correct ZF-6HP fluid which eliminates common gearbox problems and preserves healthy gearboxes.

Is your vehicle at 80,000 and beginning to show some of these

This is very common. By having an ATF flush it will eliminate these problems due to the new fluid. However, even if your vehicle is at a lower mileage, many of our customers are choosing to come to us early to have the ATF fluid service as a preventative measure instead of waiting for the problems to come to them.

If you are interested in our Gearbox Flush services, then give us a call on 01536 647577 for further information or to book an appointment. We offer this service in our workshop near Kettering by appointment, the whole operation only takes approx. 1 hour, so tea and coffee is on hand, you are also more than welcome to watch us carry out the process on our own Land Rover.

Head over to the JGS website for more of our products and services.

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