What is the best modification for my Land Rover?

A question we get asked a lot at JGS4x4 is: ‘What is the best modification for my Land Rover?’

The number one item at the top of my list might surprise some people as it is not a modification as such but an accessory or a tool. It would be an excellent portable air compressor like the T-Max 12 volt compressor.

T-Max portable tyre compressor

I come from a farming background, and my dad always taught me about the importance of running the correct tyre pressures for the equipment, load and ground conditions when operating tractors, trailers, combines, loaders and sprayers.

Having the correct tyre pressures when ploughing or cultivating makes a considerable difference to the traction, fuel consumption and tyre wear. The same goes when off-roading in your Land Rover. Many people are unaware of or overlook the advantages of lowering the tyre pressures even just by a few psi when off-roading in mud, sand or on slippery ground and grass.

Lowering the tyre pressures increases the footprint of the tyre on the ground, spreading the weight and increasing traction and also allows the tyre to flex and grip surfaces for better grip. Lower pressures will also give a more comfortable ride on hard or corrugated terrain.

Always carry an accurate tyre pressure gauge or use a tyre deflator like the ARB Tyre Deflator with a pressure gauge to reduce the tyre pressures by around 20% is ideal for most terrains, you can always let a bit more out if necessary. You need to be careful when reducing tyre pressures below 20psi as you increase the risk of pulling the tyre off the rim, so drive accordingly and avoid sharp turns, acceleration and heavy braking. 

ARB EZ Tyre deflatro with pressure gauge

It is essential to reinflate the tyres to the correct pressures before driving on the road or at road speeds, only ever run tyres at reduced tyre pressures when off-road or driving slowly.

This is where a good, reliable air compressor is essential. The T-Max 8072601 12v portable tyre compressor is ideal for all cars and 4×4’s and is small and compact enough to keep in the car at all times. Or for those looking for a slightly larger compressor with nearly double the output, the T-Max 8016601 has an impressive 160 litres/min output to inflate even the largest tyres quickly.

BA2663 T-Max tyre compressor

Second, on my list of essential equipment would be an ARB Speedy Seal Tyre Repair kit. Getting a puncture is never convenient, but when you are up to your axles in mud, especially in a Discovery 3 or 4 with an underslung spare wheel, it is tough to access the spare wheel. A temporary tyre repair can get you off the mud or motorway and allow you to get the tyre repaired at a more convenient and safe time.

ARB Speedy Seal Tyre Repair Kit

Whichever model of Land Rover you own, whether it is a FreelanderDefenderDiscovery or Range Rover, JGS4x4 has a large range of parts and accessories for maintaining, servicing and personalising your Land Rover, available for worldwide delivery on the JGS4x4 website.

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