What is the difference between genuine, OE, OEM and aftermarket parts?

When it comes to ordering parts for your Land Rover it is good to know exactly what you are purchasing. Here we explain the difference between Genuine OE parts, OEM parts and aftermarket parts.

Genuine OE Parts

There is sometimes confusion between OE and OEM parts. OE parts stands for Original Equipment Parts. OE parts are also referred to as Genuine Parts – these are the same parts that were fitted by the manufacturer when your vehicle was produced. Genuine OE Parts generally come packaged in the vehicle manufacturers branded boxes and are commonly used on newer vehicles to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained.

OEM Parts

OEM parts stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are produced by the original parts manufacturing company that supplied the car manufacturer with the parts to make the vehicle in the first place. OEM parts are exactly the same parts as the Genuine OE Parts but are sold by the original parts manufacturer instead of being branded by the vehicle manufacturer for resale. This means the quality of the parts is the same as OE parts but can often be cheaper than the vehicle manufacturers branded version. Using OEM parts on your vehicle may mean your manufacturer’s warranty won’t become void either.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Parts are manufactured by a different company to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Aftermarket Parts are often cheaper than OE and OEM parts due to the quality of the materials used when producing them. That being said, some Aftermarket Parts are produced using higher quality materials and can outperform OE and OEM part variations due to the aftermarket manufacturer analysing the original part and improving the design.


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