What is the difference between Land Rover and Range Rover?

Here at JGS4x4 we often get asked: “what is the difference between Land Rover and Range Rover?” This article should help explain what the relationship and differences are between Land Rover and Range Rover.

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Land Rover is the manufacturer or brand name of the parent company Jaguar Land Rover or JLR, currently owned by Tata Motors Limited an Indian multinational manufacturing company producing a large range of products including passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, busses, sports cars, construction equipment, and military vehicles. Land Rover is the brand name and Range Rover is one of their luxury SUV models.

The name Land Rover invokes nostalgic images of the original Series 1, 2, 3 and iconic Defender models from the late 1940s through to the 1990s. The Land Rover Discovery was launched in 1989 and continues through to today with the Discovery 5 and Discovery Sport models. Other models in the Land Rover model range include the Freelander and the Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar as well as the top of the range luxury Range Rover.

Models in the Land Rover range include these in the list below, current models are highlighted:

Series 1 – 1948-1958
Series 2 – 1958-1971
Series 3 – 1971-19857
Ninety – 1984-1989
One Ten – 1984-1989
Defender – 1989-2016
Defender 2 – 2020-Present

Discovery 1 – 1989-1998
Discovery 2 – 1998-2003
Discovery 3 – 2003-2009
Discovery 4 – 2010-2016
Discovery 5 – 2016-Present
Discovery Sport – 2014-Present

Freelander 1 -1996-2006
Freelander 2 – 2007-2013

Range Rover Evoque – 2012-Present
Range Rover Velar – 2017-Present
Range Rover Classic – 1971-1995
Range Rover P38 – 1995-2002
Range Rover Sport 1 – 2005-2013
Range Rover Sport 2 – 2013-Present
Range Rover L322 – 2002-2013
Range Rover L405 – 2013-Present

A brief history of the Range Rover

The original Range Rover model was launched in the early 1970’s as a comfortable two-door car-like 4×4 with the same off-road capabilities as the Defender. From the launch, the Range Rover was an instant success and over the years Land Rover developed the Range Rover into more luxurious four-door models with all the latest mod-cons you could want in a luxury car. The Range Rover was always available with a large burbling V8 petrol engine which gave adequate performance but a pretty poor fuel economy.

Range Rover an iconic and desirable luxury vehicle

Range Rover soon became synonymous with the rich, famous, celebrities and even the Royal family, not just the vehicle but the name too. Over the years and with different owners including Ford and BMW, Range Rover vehicles have developed into some of the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world. The present owner, Jaguar Land Rover or JLR have cleverly taken advantage of the desirability of the Range Rover name by creating several sub-models in the Range Rover model family, the Range Rover Evoque launched in 2012 used many components from the outgoing Freelander 2 model but being cleverly named Range Rover Evoque has appealed and is affordable to a much wider market.

Range Rover Sport – The Little Brother

Similarly, the first Range Rover Sport models were based on the Discovery 3 platform but with a body more resembling a smaller Range Rover, again clever naming and marketing of the Range Rover Sport have been a huge success for Land Rover.


So in summary, Land Rover is the name of the car manufacturer and Range Rover is the name of one of the car models in their range, much like Ford makes Fiesta, Focus, and Ranger models and Renault has Clio and Megane models in their model line up.

Whichever model of Land Rover you own, whether it is a Freelander, Defender, Discovery or Range Rover, JGS4x4 has a large range of parts and accessories for maintaining, servicing and personalising your Land Rover, available for worldwide delivery on the JGS4x4 website.

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