What to do if you find yourself in deep water!

Surviving a car accident sounds a bit serious and scary; however, it is something we all need to think about. If you drive, you could be involved in an accident whether driving on or off-road – No one is exempt!  You may be the best driver in the world and it won’t always be your fault; however, we all need to know how to deal with situations if it were to happen to us.

Firstly, let us talk about the best way to avoid a car accident as having a car accident is one of the scariest experiences you can have so we want to do our best to avoid one in the first place.

Always focus on your driving. You must take responsibility for what is going on around you. If you’re aware, you can see an accident about to happen and hopefully see it in time to avoid a collision.

Do not speed. This is particularly important in residential areas where a child or animal could run into the road.

Concentrate when you are Driving. Don’t get distracted even using a hands-free device to talk on the phone can distract you. REMEMBER, a car is a potentially lethal weapon.

Pay special attention to what’s going on at junctions. Be prepared to take evasive action if another driver runs a red light or pedestrian steps into the street. Junctions are where a lot of collisions happen.

Look out for cyclist and motorcyclists. In most collisions with bicycles and motorcycles, the other driver did not see them.

Wear a Seat Belt. Always make sure you and all your passengers wear a seat belt. Without a seat belt, you could be tossed around the car, slammed against a hard object or go through the windscreen. The evidence has been proven that you are more likely to survive a crash if wearing a seat belt.

Keep an Escape Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter in your Land Rover.  We highly recommend you keep your Escape Hammer in reaching distance from the driver’s seat. It will not help you escape if kept in the boot!

You have found yourself in deep water…

You and your Land Rover have landed in deep water – would you know what to do?

Let’s say you were off-roading and you lost control of your Land Rover and you end up in deep water. It all happens in an instant, you are sinking fast – do you know how to get out?  Most of today’s Land Rovers have electric windows and central locking that locks once you are moving.  Will they work once in water? How long have you got to get out?

Firstly – Don’t Panic!

You’ll have approx. 1-2 minutes before your car totally sinks – There will be a floating period.  If you keep your keys in the ignition you should have until the vehicle is fully submerged before the electrics cut out, so use this time wisely and unlock the doors, open a window or sunroof to make an exit route.

Seat belts – Windows – Children – Out

Rule 1:  Don’t call for help until you are out of the vehicle.

Rule 2: Unbuckle.

Rule 3: If the window won’t open you will need to break it with a sharp object or an emergency hammer/seat belt cutter (keep one in your car within reach distance in case of an emergency). Always try to break a side window NOT the windscreen as these are made of toughened glass.

Rule 4: Children first. Everybody should go out their own window if possible, but the kids are going to have a harder time fighting through the rush of water, so push them out if you have to. Start with the oldest kids and taking the youngest out in your arms.

Here is a great video to watch

Stay safe out ‘on and off-road’ in your Land Rovers but take some comfort that you now know how to get out of your Land Rover if you land in deep water!

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