What to look for when buying a Land Rover Discovery 3

Discovery 3

The Land Rover Discovery 3 was released back in 2004 with a radically new body frame and a fresh new minimalist interior whilst still retaining its iconic Discovery exterior. To this day it’s still one of Land Rovers most popular models in the Discovery range. That being said, there are a few common faults that have arisen over the years. The good news is they can be rectified with the right knowledge and parts.

We’ve put together some of the most common faults to look out for on the Discovery 3 and how to rectify them.

Land Rover Discovery 3 Propshaft Centre Bearing Fault

Firstly, it is common for the rubber around the centre support bearing on the propshaft to wear and fail which causes vibrations and can deteriorate to the point that the propshaft falls off. To rectify this, most people choose to replace the entire propshaft as replacing just the centre bearing is so labour intensive.  

Land Rover Discovery 3 Electronic Parking Brake Module Fault

The Discovery 3 is fitted with an Electronic Parking Brake (EBP Actuator). If the parking brake appears not to have released when moving off, a loud screeching noise may be heard from the rear of the vehicle or a flashing parking sensor indicator will show on the dashboard, these can all be an indication that the Electronic Parking Brake module has failed. The most common causes of the Electronic Parking Brake failing are the parking brake shoes being corroded, worn or incorrectly adjusted. This will then cause the small teeth inside the unit to break or the small adjuster nut to over tighten and jam at the extent of its travel.

WARNING: If you drive your Discovery 3 with the Electronic Parking Brake applied, it will cause damage to the rear braking system. We strongly recommend getting your Discovery 3 inspected by a competent mechanic with the correct diagnostic tool, who will inspect, and if required, replace the complete Electronic Parking Brake Module, rear brake discs, pads and shoes. To prevent the replaced module failing, it is important the module is correctly setup with the correct diagnostic equipment, and we recommend the parking brake shoes are adjusted at every service, and every 2 years strip down and clean the rear brakes thoroughly.

For further information and reference, a Land Rover technical bulletin can be found by searching ‘LTB00079v6’ at www.landrovertechinfo.com

Land Rover Discovery 3 Fuel Filler Flap Cover Door Latch

Something that tends to break on the Discovery 3, is the fuel filler door latch, not allowing the filler flap door to shut or just randomly pop open. Our Discovery 3 Fuel Filler Door Latch Repair Kit made up of genuine Land Rover parts will fix this and keep the door shut.

Land Rover Discovery 3 Tailgate Gas Struts

Over time the tailgate gas struts on a Discovery 3 start to weaken due to the compressed gas in the sealed cylinders degrading to the point that the gas struts can’t support the weight. To rectify this issue simply replace with a quality pair rear upper tailgate gas strut.

Land Rover Discovery 3 Intercooler Hose

It is common on the Discovery 3 for the intercooler hose to split near the top, on the 90-degree bend causing loss of boost pressure, an engine fault and produce a load of black smoke. To rectify this, simply replace the rubber intercooler to ducting hose which is a relatively easy part to replace.

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