What’s Hot This Week!

The temperature has dropped but we have some hot selling items for you from this past week.


It must be the cold wet weather that has been the reason that we have sold lots of windscreen wiper blade sets for both Discovery 2 and Freelander 1 models this week. It is always a good idea to change your wiper blades regularly, you need clear vision to drive safely. Wiper blades can freeze to the windscreen on a frosty night and get ripped off when you start the car in the morning.

Bluetooth Remote Battery Monitors have also been flying out of the door, ideal for classic cars, motorcycles or caravans kept in storage. These allow you to monitor the battery charge level remotely, within the normal Bluetooth range and be alerted if your battery falls below a pre determined charge voltage. Discovery 2

Wing mirrors are vulnerable to getting knocked and broken, Discovery 2 left and right-hand wing mirrors are always popular but this last week has seen a surge in sales, ours come complete with the mounting clip that holds them in place and the anti rattle spring to ensure you can see clearly.

Punctures and flat tyres are a nuisance and dangerous. The T-Max 12V Compressors are one of the most powerful 12v compressors on the market inflating a flat tyre in just a few minutes, they are powerful, strong and robust and will last for years and years. I guess people are buying these for Christmas presents, what a great gift idea! We also offer a T-Max Compressor Kit with a tubeless tyre repair kit that is extremely good value.

The Defender Wolfrace black Sawtooth style wheels are really selling well, we have been shipping these all over Europe this week with sets going to Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Croatia, it looks like we may well sell out in the next few weeks so make sure to get yours on order soon if you wanted a set for Christmas!

Finally and bizarrely we have sold lots of OGrill Barbeques and Roadpro Portable 12v Cookers, maybe some of you are planning an alternative Christmas Dinner? The 12v RoadPro Slow Cooker is a brilliant idea, we recently used one on a green laneing trip, filled it with baked beans and sausages before we left home, plugged it in mid-morning and we had piping hot bangers and beans ready for lunchtime, mmmmm!

  1. Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Wiper Blade Set Front & Rear Windscreen
  2. Land Rover Freelander 1 Windscreen Wiper Blade Set Front & Rear
  3. Bluetooth 12V Battery Monitor Smartphone Compatible Accutire
  4. Land Rover Discovery 2 Left Hand Door Wing Mirror Glass & Mount – CRD100650
  5. Land Rover Discovery 2 Right Hand Door Wing Mirror Glass And Mount – CRD100640
  6. Land Rover Defender Black SAWTOOTH Style Alloy Wheels X5 WOLFRACE Highlander 16″
  7. T-MAX 12V Compressor HEAVY DUTY Adventurer 4×4 Tyre Air Pump + Tyre Repair Kit
  8. Iroda O-Grill 500 Portable Gas Clam Shell BBQ Grill
  9. RoadPro 12V Portable Stove In Car Cooker Food Warmer
  10. RoadPro 12V Portable Slow Cooker Crock Pot In Car Food Warmer


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One comment on “What’s Hot This Week!
  1. Marc says:

    I bought one of the 12V portable stoves from you last month. I am a lorry driver and got fed up of unhealthy fast food. I have used it 2 or 3 times a week, mostly for reheating rice and pasta dishes.

    I find it needs to be turned on for 40-50 minutes to warm a pre-cooked meal or at least an hour and a half for larger or chilled meals.

    I think it is great, I can now eat more healthily and a lot cheaper.

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