Wheel Spacers for your Land Rover

Wheel spacers are an aftermarket part that essentially moves the wheels further away from the body of your Land Rover and give that ‘stocky, planted’ look alongside other added benefits.

Land Rover Wheel Spacers

What do wheel spacers do?

Wheel spacers are commonly used on Land Rovers when fitting larger or wider tyres as they help ensure the tyres don’t rub against the wheel liners or any of the suspension components.

Having the wheels further away from the hub assembly will also create better grip between the tyres and the road improving the overall handling, cornering and stability of your Land Rover, as well as increasing the steering lock.

Why is it important to choose hub-centric wheel spacers?

Quality hub-centric wheel spacers will seamlessly align with the centre of your Land Rovers wheels and ensure that the weight is transferred through to the original wheel hub making them much safer than the cheap generic flat spacers that are hard to torque down properly and the weight transfers through the wheel studs.

Land Rover Wheel Spacers

Why choose alloy wheel spacers?

We recommend choosing alloy wheel spacers as they don’t affect the wheel balance like steel wheel spacers can.

Land Rover Wheel Spacers
How are wheel spacers fitted?

Wheel spacers are an easy fit aftermarket part that simply fit over the holding bracket of your Land Rovers wheel to produce the additional space.

Things to consider before fitting Wheel Spacers to your Land Rover

As much as wheel spacers can improve the overall handling and give a more ‘aggressive’ stance to your Land Rover, there are a few things to consider before fitting them.

Firstly, increased steering effort. Having the wheels further apart will mean the steering will be heavier than before.

Secondly, having the wheels further away from the body of your Land Rover will put more strain on the suspension components and wheel bearings.

Thirdly, the ride comfort will decrease as the springs and shocks will not absorb the bumps as well.

We stock a range of Land Rover Wheel Spacers at JGS4x4

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