Why a Land Rover is a good choice as a company car.

JGS4X4 have taken a look to see if business owners are likely to reconsider whether a company car is a valuable proposition. We also want to show you why a Land Rover would be a good choice as a company car. Company cars are becoming less common these days and part of the reason for this is the UK government tax increase imposed on company cars and a mandate that is focussing on removing diesel vehicles from our roads.  

We believe experienced high profile job seekers find a company car an attractive incentive when searching for employment, and of course, a Land Rover is a practical choice.

So let us take a look at the things we need to consider….


The first thing to look at is the tax that will be applied to your particular Land Rover model and spec level.  Land Rover has conveniently produced their own car tax calculator.  Check it out here

Lands Rovers are Highly Desirable

Over the last 10 years, Land Rover has positioned themselves as manufacturers of premium, luxury vehicles. Prices for Discovery’s and Range Rovers have soared to the point that many people can’t afford to one buy new without finance. For this reason, offering a Land Rover on your company car options list is now very attractive to potential new employees.

Recent research shows offering a company car is perceived by a job applicant to be a significant motivational tool. Especially if your offer high spec Land Rover and Range Rover models! Your business could well open up your company to better-qualified job hunters.

Land Rovers are practical

If you drive a Land Rover there is no real excuse not to turn up for work in the winter when the weather is particularly bad!  After all Land Rovers are off-road, 4 wheel drives capable of driving on all terrain as well as long distance motorway driving.  Your business will not grind to a halt in the midst of winter!

Image is everything

Having a Land Rover represent your company image can only be a good thing right? It not only shows class and style but also indicates that you support UK manufacturing and that your company is financially stable and secure.  Your staff will be most grateful to drive around in such an iconic UK brand.

Business Leasing

No matter what size your business is you may want to consider business leasing.  You should be able to negotiate a multi-vehicle deal and receive discounts and offers that non-trade customers will miss out on.  Worth shopping around.

In the UK, we are charged VAT on almost all purchases. Company cars can qualify for VAT refunds, up to 100%, depending on its usage. Go to the government website page: Reclaiming VAT and find out how much you can claim or can’t reclaim. You never know you may be able to lease that Range Rover of your dreams with a hefty price cut!

Land Rovers offer a practical and sensible option as a staff company car – Your employees will love you for it and your business brand will thrive on it!

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