Why servicing your Land Rover is important?

Land Rovers are renowned for their unrivalled all-round capabilities, so keeping them fully maintained and regularly serviced will not only help optimise their performance but it will also give overall peace-of-mind too.
Land Rover Service

The importance of servicing your Land Rover

There are several reasons to keep your Land Rover fully maintained and regularly serviced, including:

  • Improves the lifespan of your Land Rover
  • Increases your Land Rovers fuel efficiency
  • Increase overall performance with a smoother running engine
  • Reduces the risk of your Land Rover breaking down
  • Helps avoid unexpected expensive repair costs
  • Maintaining a full-service history can help you gain a better price if you decide to sell your Land Rover
  • Maintaining a full-service history can ensure your warranty (if applicable) is valid

How often should a service be carried out on your Land Rover?

Servicing your Land Rover depends on a few factors, including:

  • The age of your Land Rover
  • The mileage of your Land Rover
  • When the last service was carried out

Even if your Land Rover has low annual mileage and is not frequently used it is important to carry out a regularly service to keep a full up-to-date maintenance schedule.

We recommend checking the maintenance schedule detailed in your Land Rovers Owner’s Manual or contacting your local Land Rover Dealership to obtain the relevant information.

What should a service include?

A full health check of your Land Rover assessing for any wear and tear, checking brakes, fluid levels, visually checking the condition of the exhaust, suspension, and chassis. You should replace the oil to ensure your engine is lubricated correctly and will avoid any build-up of sludge occurring and check if the filters require replacing so the oil can pass through and not get clogged up.

How easy is it to service my Land Rover?

We stock a wide range of service kits for all Land Rover Series, Defender, Discovery, Freelander and Range Rover models. Each service kit contains all the essential components to easily complete a service on your Land Rover. With the option of single filters or a full-service kit that includes a choice of different engine oils from Triple QX, Comma, to Rock oil – or purchase separately through our website. We also stock a range of tools to easily allow you to carry out a full-service.

If you are unsure which Land Rover service kit to purchase, please get in touch with our team who are always more than happy to help.

James and the JGS4x4 team are always on hand to discuss your Land Rover parts requirements. Share & comment on this article: Why servicing your Land Rover is important?

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