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Recently here at JGS4X4 we posted a blog about the important part 4×4 Response Units have when they help out in times of need.  All on a voluntary basis!  The emergency services rely on their extra help and support in difficult times.

Josh Milner from the Yorkshire 4X4 Response contacted us with a more in-depth explanation as to the kind of things they help out with.

“Yorkshire 4X4 Response are a registered charity in England and Wales (registered charity no; 1144928) who provide a voluntary service to cat 1&2 responders ie: police, ambulance, doctors and local authorities via the local resilience forums set up by the civil contingencies act (2004).

We typically perform a variety of roles, including the relocation of people or equipment, access to areas that could not reached by ‘normal’ vehicles or recovery of stranded people or critical equipment. We principally deal with key strategic objectives of category 1 responders, enabling them to still be able to operate in the harshest conditions where they would otherwise not be able to function. An example of this during snow in 2010 when we were cited as the key factor in keeping a regional Police control centre functional, by enabling Police control to continue to conduct emergency operations and giving them the freedom of movement they needed in order to be able to continue to function as a unit. In the more recent years we attended York floods.”

He also told me..

“In the other weeks “beast from the east” bout we clocked up 3343 miles just in two days of being operational, those miles ranged from a numerous call outs taking nurses into hospitals, doing day and night shifts transporting district nurses to patients, patient transfers and much much more. “

and it doesn’t stop in the summer…

“Throughout the summer months we attend shows and also help other organisations such as Jane Tomlinsons Run for All events, Cancer Research Pretty Muddy & 10k events helping them with logistical support. All our work is done and the organisation is run solely on a voluntary basis.”

If you are in the Yorkshire area and would like to sign up as a member then click on the link below:

4X4 Response Yorkshire

4X4 Response Units cover all areas of the UK.  For more information about the 4X4 Response organisation go to: 4X4 Response UK  and get yourselves signed up! It’s a fantastic charity and sounds like an adventure in itself once you are on board! 

There is nothing like driving a Land Rover 4X4! Especially when you are driving with ONE purpose  – to help others!  What could be more rewarding?

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